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‘Tech Effect’ Let Casey Anthony Win
Too much television could be why an alleged murderer will be free in just a few days. According to this article on, the popularly of “forensic crime” shows is what could keep true criminals out of prison. Jurors want DNA evidence and need to get it to trust their instincts, this article suggests, leaving prosecutors frustrated because TV dramas mislead the public. A few decades ago someone like Casey Anthony would be found guilty based on the evidence presented, even without DNA proof, the story says.

At Last! A Laser that Might Really Blow Stuff Up
How many science-fiction films show a high-tech laser aimed at a country or planet, armed to destroy civilization? Too many to count, really, but a recent article gives reason to believe that such a laser could actually exist outside of the sci-fi realm. According to an article posted on, a company created in MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory called TeraDiode has created lasers that can actually blow stuff up.

10 Technologies That Will Change the World in the Next 10 Years
Network World gathered together a list of several technologies that could impact the world in the coming decade. Among the finds are smart home automation systems involving a series of sensors collecting data and robots as well as a 3-D replicator system that would allow people to manufacture any item from food to sporting equipment to toys.

7 Ways IT Job Seekers Self-Destruct
IT hiring is returning, but not at a rate that can keep up with the number of qualified candidates looking for work. That’s why every candidate needs to be on their game to the best of their ability. According to this article in CIO, job seekers can self-destruct and lose the job by making seven simple mistakes.

10 Hot iPad Apps for Summer
For those lucky individuals that own an iPad, InformationWeek put together a slideshow that details 10 great applications for the summer. From ESPN Score Center to travel planning applications, the list includes several low-cost tools to help iPad owners spend some summer hours on their favorite tablet.

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