CA Technologies Announces Dawn of Mobile Economic Time

Did you know savvy consumers re-claim 38* extra days per year?

As mentioned in my last post, CA Technologies and Professor Chanaka Jayawardhena (accomplished expert in Services Marketing) have discovered “Mobile Economic Time” (MET) – a new phenomenon which reveals that the average savvy smartphone and tablet PC user is exploiting their ‘dead-time’ to re-claim an extra 38* days per year. This re-claimed time is increasingly used to engage with online businesses and boost personal productivity.
Here’s what some of these savvy users had to say

Clearly consumers demand a secure and responsive experience as they re-claim that extra 38* days per year to engage with brands. Brands need to be alive to this. They need to understand and take the time to deal with the challenges.

Findings released from The MET study illustrate the business opportunity that is being fuelled by a mini-revolution in how consumers are changing the way they engage with brands – anywhere, anytime, 24/7. CA Technologies defines “Mobile Economic Time” or MET as a new “time zone” which presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses to better engage with customers who use smartphones and tablet PCs during their dead time to engage with brands whilst at cafés, airports or on a train, for example. In this context MET provides for growth so long as online brands adapt to this new environment quickly enough, capture the attention of the mobile device users and meet (and hopefully exceed) their expectations. Businesses and brands know that their audiences are no longer restrained by fixed point PCs but have not yet adequately addressed the challenges which prevent them from fully embracing and exploiting this new Mobile Economic Time to drive revenue and growth by delivering excellent mobile customer experiences.

Could your brand capture the imagination in the MET zone?
The world’s top brands are fuelled by customer happiness. Great products captivate customers, BUT it is flawless execution of innovative service that keeps them coming back and telling others. Get these things right and you can turn delighted customers into avid fans and secure a reputation that captures legions of future customers. Without a fanatical focus on delivering optimal customer experiences across multiple channels anywhere and at any time, someone else will be keeping your customers happy in Mobile Economic Time.

Find out if you are ready for mobile Economic Time by downloading the MET study today and join the conversation on Twitter at #CA_MET.

* To calculate ‘Mobile Economic Time’ (#CA_MET), three instances when a smartphone or tablet PC user is most likely to use their device have been identified (a) during commercial breaks while watching TV; (b) leisure ‘me time’ with the Smartphone or tablet PC having coffee, relaxing, etc,.; (c) commuting via public transport. The result is 37.91 ‘working days’ a year which have been rounded up top 38. For full details of the calculation, please refer to the Mobile Economic Time report.

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