Say Good-Bye to Alt-Tab Integration

Welcome to the sweet life with unified infrastructure, application and network performance management

What if mobile phone developers never went beyond voice capabilities? You couldn’t send text messages or e-mails, post a Tweet or play Words with Friends (insert your favorite Alec Baldwin joke here).

Words With FriendsWhat if your television never upgraded to high definition? I can’t even watch a show that isn’t broadcast in HD (except The Rosie Show on OWN).

What if Ben & Jerry never went beyond vanilla, chocolate and strawberry? Life just wouldn’t be as sweet.

Even worse, what if your application performance management (APM) vendor forced you to type in “Alt-Tab” to view how the hybrid-cloud infrastructure is affecting your end users and critical business services?

This week, CA Technologies ushered in a new era of APM by delivering the industry’s first and only unified application, infrastructure and network performance solution. This next-generation APM solution sets a new standard by delivering a complete, 360-degree view of the end-user experience in a single solution.

Unlike legacy offerings that require multiple domain tools, CA APM is a unified solution that links business transaction performance to the dependent application, network and infrastructure component, empowering you to rapidly isolate, diagnose and resolve problems across disparate technology silos – without typing “Alt-Tab.” This powerful breakthrough is made possible by our APM Transaction Model that unifies and simplifies performance data, providing a single source-of-truth on business transaction performance to put you firmly in control of the end-user experience.

The next time you meet with an APM vendor, ask them this very important question:

Is your solution integrated or unified?

If they say unified, then ask them to prove it in a proof of concept. If they say integrated, I think you know what to do next.

To the sweet life!

Melissa Hamilton Sargeant

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Service Assurance

CA Technologies

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Melissa Hamilton Sargeant

About Melissa Hamilton Sargeant

Melissa Hamilton Sargeant has been developing and marketing IT management software products for nearly 20 years. She has worked for CA Technologies for over five years in senior product marketing roles in Application Performance Management, IT Governance and Security. She currently serves as Sr. Director of Product Marketing for the Service Assurance Customer Solutions Unit where she focuses on CA Application Performance Management. Prior to joining CA Technologies, she was Vice President of Marketing for Digitalsmiths and Bluefire Security Technologies. Mrs. Sargeant also has held senior marketing positions at Mercator Software, Guardent, Digex, Landmark Systems Corporation and COMSAT.
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