Services Must Adapt to Society’s Changing Landscape

Social business technologies have abolished traditional means of conducting business. Organizations must adapt to a collaborative, perpetual workforce to overcome inertia and deliver results that increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. The connected, converged world utilizes common components like presence, location and unified communications.

The mobile world has morphed into the mobile device world and we are quickly becoming a “bring-your-own-technology” (BYOT) world. This increases the dependence on IT to support business-critical processes, manage to more demanding service levels and minimize service downtime. The IT group must accomplish all this while still reducing costs.

According to a Gartner study on the 2012 top 10 Tech Trends and implications, by 2015 media tablet shipments will reach about 50% of laptop shipments. The likely result will mean a smaller market share for Microsoft client platforms.

With that comes security and management challenges that IT needs to address. Add the growing prominence of App Store downloads and IT departments face a daunting challenge. Service Assurance software links end-user experience, transactions and applications with their underlying systems and network infrastructure.

The added complexity of mobile devices off the IT infrastructure creates multiple challenges when implementing a Service Assurance solution. Most professional services organizations provide on-site or remote managed services. This allows IT managers the flexibility of deploying their human resources elsewhere while the professional services vendor handles the Service Assurance solution.

Do you remember the part about reducing costs? In today’s environment of doing more with less, IT organizations have little money to spare. In some cases, they cannot afford a managed services offering.

You may want to ask your professional services provider if they offer a Managed Services Lite offer. That is, the service provider will remotely advise and assist you with product-specific tasks in relation to the implementation. The professional services team guides your IT group through the process – like a lifeline.

It’s another way to get expert guidance while saving money.

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