How the Beauty and Fragrance Giant Coty, Inc. Avoids Blemishes to the Business

By Diana Miller Sauerhaft

IT departments and centers of excellence (COEs) often struggle with the enormous task of monitoring business-user activities and the overall health of the company’s systems landscape, especially, when those businesses operate worldwide facilities and employ hordes of remote users.

Coty, a leading manufacturer and distributor of beauty and fragrance products, has more than 12,000 employees across the globe — and the business’s COE must service each and every one of them.  In the latest edition of SAP Insider Profiles, there’s a great article on how Vishnu Chittem, Coty’s COE Lead Architect, leverages Application Performance Management (APM) solutions offered by SAP through its partnership with CA Technologies.  Vishnu’s COE team uses the intuitive dashboards in the APM solution to proactively monitor IT operations and user activity, and to keep tabs on the health of the IT environment’s servers, networks, and applications.

“SAP Extended Diagnostics provides a good understanding of your entire landscape as well as the details of single user sessions,” says Vishnu Chittem, Enterprise Architect for Coty. “For example, with this tool, you can identify if an application’s response time is better for certain users in certain places or if a problem occurs because a user is accessing too much data.”

Among the benefits Coty has realized from its deployment are more proactive monitoring, a central location for problem triage, and accelerated problem resolution. The company has extended its CA APM Agents to monitor non-SAP application as well. You can read the entire article from SAP Insider Profiles here.

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