IT Employees Engaged But Not Married to the Job

Survey shows employees happy at job, but majority ready to jump when market improves

Are your IT employees happy on the job?

Greener GrassThe good news is that three quarters of IT workers surveyed by Randstad Technologies are engaged on the job and loyal to the organization they work for. The bad news is, despite the stated loyalty and happiness, just over half of the same employees said they plan to look for other employment when job market opens up a bit more.

You read that right: Despite feeling engaged at work and loyal to the company, the latest Randstad Engagement Index shows that IT people are a restless bunch and are willing to jump ship for a grass-is-greener opportunity. With 59% of surveyed workers believing the job market will improve in 2012, it won’t be long before some of your key workers start sharpening their resumes, pressing those interview suits and looking to move on.

“With engagement remaining steady and strong for IT workers, employers need to be sure they do not take their employees for granted. Companies should be aware of potential turnover even among their most engaged and top performing employees, especially as more jobs in the industry continue to open up and the market becomes increasingly competitive,” said Bob Dickey, EVP of Technologies at Randstad U.S., Professionals. “Employers should also be careful not to confuse engagement with worker retention. Our Study results underscore that IT workers, although engaged and satisfied, are more apt to consider leaving their current jobs than employees in any other industry sector.”

The survey, which sampled a tick over 3,000 full-time employed adults (319 of those in the IT sector), also found that:

  • 76 percent of IT employees are proud to work for their company, up 6 percent from last quarter
  • 63 percent of IT employees enjoy going to work every day, 5 percent less than employees surveyed overall
  • 75 percent of employees feel inspired to do their best each day
  • 68 percent of IT employees feel their efforts at work are recognized and valued, 5 percent higher than employees surveyed overall
  • 80 percent of employees feel secure in their employment (5 percent higher than employees overall)

What does this mean for IT and Human Resource leadership? The days of assuming your best employees won’t leave because the job market is terrible are coming to an end. It’s time to get back to focusing on worker retention and doing the things that keep skilled workers in place. In other words, it’s time to make sure your pasture is the greenest.

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