The Triple Crown is in Play … Even in the APM Market

Three races, in five weeks, across increasingly longer and more grueling distances: The Triple Crown is the greatest accomplishment of a Thoroughbred racehorse. It tests every facet of a horse’s athletic abilities – rapid acceleration, blistering speed, turn-on-a-dime agility, unwavering endurance, and most importantly, heart.  Many racehorses specialize in only one facet, and that’s probably why only 11 have put it all together to earn the prestigious title of Triple Crown winner.

As I’ll Have Another embarks on his journey to make horseracing history, at CA Technologies we’re blazing a trail for a new era in Application Performance Management (APM). This week, we too have made history by integrating our market-leading CA APM solution with CA APM Cloud Monitor and CA LISA (ITKO) – a perfect trifecta. Much like thoroughbred racing, in the APM market, there are lots of specialists, but few (if any) who can bring it all together across the most grueling physical, virtual, cloud, mobile and mainframe environments to deliver a winning solution.

Our latest innovations put us lengths ahead of the specialists by enabling you to manage IT complexity and costs, increase capacity for innovation and adapt to constantly changing business demands. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new and why you should place your bet on CA APM:

  • Application Lifecycle Optimization (ALO) – By fusing the unmatched capabilities from CA LISA and CA APM, you gain a closed-loop system to share key performance data and optimize the application lifecycle. With this closed-loop system, you can build, test and deploy applications more quickly and cost effectively to better meet increasing business demands while reigning in IT costs. This breakthrough also unleashes multiple opportunities to accelerate and drive innovation, including:
    • Faster time to market for new business services:  Transaction performance metrics gathered in CA APM are injected into the CA LISA virtual service models to provide the most accurate environments for application development and testing, resulting in faster development cycles, reduced service delivery costs and higher quality applications with better performance and end-user experience in production.
    • Higher quality earlier in the application lifecycle: Our incomparable approach to ALO enables more effective problem diagnosis/resolution and defect collaboration, allowing you to identify and resolve problems early in the application lifecycle and drive service quality from start to finish. Customers now can consume test events from CA LISA to get a better understanding of what CA LISA is triggering and how performance varies as the test progresses. This allows you to identify real performance bottlenecks and address them much earlier in the application lifecycle to collapse cycle times, reduce costs and increase capacity for innovation.
  • Single source-of-truth for cloud, mobile and Web applications – By integrating the outside-the-firewall view of application performance from CA APM Cloud Monitor with the unified application, infrastructure and network performance management capabilities from CA APM, you can get a complete, 360-degree view of business transactions and single-source-of-truth on application performance regardless of where your applications are running – in the data center, in the cloud or from a Managed Service Provider (MSP). This critical insight enables you to identify and resolve performance problems more quickly, manage the end-user experience proactively and prove that SaaS vendors and MSPs are meeting service delivery commitments.

For the Triple Crown of Horse Racing, I think I’ll Have Another will cement his great legacy and become the 12th winner. He’s got the athletic ability and the heart to gallop his way into horseracing history. For the Triple Crown of the APM market, it should come as no surprise that I think the odds clearly favor CA APM.

Do you think I’ll Have Another will win the Triple Crown? Tweet me @mhsargeant.

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Melissa Hamilton Sargeant

About Melissa Hamilton Sargeant

Melissa Hamilton Sargeant has been developing and marketing IT management software products for nearly 20 years. She has worked for CA Technologies for over five years in senior product marketing roles in Application Performance Management, IT Governance and Security. She currently serves as Sr. Director of Product Marketing for the Service Assurance Customer Solutions Unit where she focuses on CA Application Performance Management. Prior to joining CA Technologies, she was Vice President of Marketing for Digitalsmiths and Bluefire Security Technologies. Mrs. Sargeant also has held senior marketing positions at Mercator Software, Guardent, Digex, Landmark Systems Corporation and COMSAT.


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