Faster Application Performance Troubleshooting with Advanced Automated Analytics

Introducing CA Application Performance Management 9.5 with Application Behavior Analytics for faster troubleshooting

In sports, wins and losses might be the ultimate metric for success or failure, but they may not always provide great insight to how well as team is performing over a given stretch of a season.

Take Major League Baseball and its 162-game season. A team might be on a bit of a roll in the middle of the season, winning more games than it loses in a given stretch, but there could be signs that things are starting to slow despite the wins piling up. Maybe the starting rotation’s earned-run average is creeping up while the offense’s on-base percentage is falling. At an individual level, a pitcher may be losing velocity on his fastball and is throwing more pitches per inning, while the left fielder is putting less balls in play and striking out in a greater percentage of at-bats. These smaller nuances are a sign of possible failure to come.

How does this relate to IT? Critical revenue-generating and productivity systems may be exhibiting a winning streak with good uptime, end-user experience and overall service delivery health, but there may be cracks forming that are hard to see.

Announcing CA Application Performance Management 9.5

That’s why we’re thrilled to be introducing Application Behavior Analytics, a new feature available as part of CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) 9.5, which we announced here in Las Vegas at CA World 2013. With CA APM 9.5, we’re looking to make it even easier for customer with large, complex applications to find problems more quickly, resolve them before end-users are impacted and deliver an exceptional end-user experience.

Application Behavior Analytics

The new Application Behavior Analytics feature in CA APM helps find potential trouble spots more quickly.

So what is Application Behavior Analytics? Put simply it’s a multivariate engine that learns the relationships between application components and between performance metrics so that it can automatically identify complex emerging performance issues to help reduce problem resolution guesswork. Customers who have CA APM 9.5 do not need to configure Application Behavior Analytics, they just point the engine at their Enterprise Manager and it immediately starts crunching the data looking for abnormalities. And it looks at virtually every metric created looking for that needle in the haystack.

Why is this important? Because IT tools such as CA APM are becoming Big Data systems themselves, generating millions of metrics per day. We have customers that collects over 1 billion (yes, billon with a B) metrics per day. While most APM tools are good at showing performance at a given time (green, yellow, red lights), CA APM is watching for those subtle changes in performance or component interactions that could signal a bigger problem ahead, giving IT operations the opportunity to ferret out issues before the red light is on or system performance has degraded.

But Application Behavior Analytics is not the only new feature in CA APM 9.5 as we’ve also added two other major features designed to make performance monitoring and troubleshooting easier:

  • New Web-based User Interface provides a modern and intuitive user experience designed to make it easier to monitor, triage and diagnose application performance problems. Featuring new layouts, the improved user interface makes it easier to bubble up alerts to IT operators, allowing them to see at a glance potential trouble pots across the entire application environment.
  • Browser Response Time Monitor (BRTM) gives visibility into how the Web browser renders web pages and how much time it time it takes, helping IT identify slow-running components to improve the end-user experience. BRTM helps customers by providing:
    • Visibility into the end-user experience that starts from the browser
    • Visibility into the browser side (client) activity of the transaction
    • Visibility into the quality of service provided by a content delivery network (CDN)

For Web-based applications, this gives IT deeper visibility into the true end-user experience by showing the entire real-user transaction, allowing for improved triage of performance issues to the browser, network or application.

These three features enhance CA APM’s already formidable capabilities that provide customers with a 360-degree view into end-user experience by linking transactions to the underlying infrastructure across complex physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments.

Going back to my baseball analogy, it takes a good manager, pitching coach, batting instructor and front office to ensure the consistent performance of a baseball team over the course of a season. For IT organizations charged with ensuring the end-user experience for and performance of revenue –generating and productivity applications, CA APM is the all-star choice.

If you’re at CA World 2013, stop by the Service Assurance area on the show for a demo and visit these sessions to learn more:

For those not at the show, we’re hosting a live Webcast to discuss CA APM 9.5 and the new features on Tuesday, April 23 at 11a EST/8a PST. A recording will be available for those that can’t make it or want to share it with colleagues.

We’re excited about this release and new Application Behavior Analytics capabilities designed to tame the IT Big Data beast. We hope you are too. We have more information about CA APM 9.5 available here.

Questions about CA APM 9.5 and/or Application Behavior Analytics? Tweet us @CAsvcAssur.

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