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Ryan Smith

Video: How Intermountain Healthcare Gets the Most Out of its IT Organization

In the world of not-for-profit healthcare, the chief drivers behind IT programs are to keep costs in check and deliver a great patient experience. With those two goals in mind, Intermountain Healthcare, based in Salt Lake City, has undertaken a number of organizational transformations designed to control costs and continue to improve on the patient experience.

In this Innovation Luminary video, Ryan Smith, Assistant VP of Information Systems at Intermountain Healthcare, talks about a few of the initiatives his group is undertaking and role CA Application Performance Management and other CA Technologies tools plays:

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Is Your Klout Score Higher Than a 12-Year-Old’s

I broke into hysterical laughter last night and couldn’t stop when I discovered that my son’s Klout score is higher than mine. His score is higher than all of the people I work with that engage in social media on a daily basis. Mind you, I severely restrict his online access and he does not have a Facebook, Tumblr or MySpace account. I did allow him to have an e-mail account and post content on YouTube. He’s not allowed to show his face, name, age, where he goes to school or his residence. My son’s misfortune is that his parents are very tech-savvy, which limits his ability to outsmart us when it comes to technology. Well, at least in the near term.

Despite all the precautions I take, my son has more online influence (according to Klout) than me and most professional social marketers. While my ego took a hit and I questioned Klout’s influence algorithm, I couldn’t help but think about what I could learn from my son. He didn’t understand the humor and irony of the situation. He patiently told me all kinds of things about search engine optimization techniques without actually using the vocabulary or having the awareness that it’s exactly what he was doing. I was amazed and quickly realized that social media is second nature to him and his peers. He reassured me that what he told me was common knowledge amongst his school buddies. While busy adults and professionals devise all kinds of organization and naming schemes to help each other understand social media and its impact better, their kids are busy living it.

It dawned on me that the next generation and future workforce is so social technologically savvy that it will no longer be a debate whether social capabilities should be a part of an enterprise application. It will be a basic requirement. I don’t know of many popular applications for the younger set that lack social capabilities. Even stuffed animals now have online profiles. These kids expect every app they touch to give them the capability to connect, share and promote content and ideas. And why shouldn’t they?

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Rackspace Better Serves Customers with CA APM

CA Technologies last month launched the next-generation of application performance management (APM) technology at CA World 2011. (This week the technology became generally available.)

Along with product details, CA welcomed Rackspace to share its experiences with the product as a beta customer. Andy Schroepfer, vice president of enterprise strategy, Rackspace, explains how Rackspace Critical Sites is leveraging CA APM and other service assurance solutions from CA Technologies to accelerate enterprise IaaS and PaaS initiatives. Intertwining CA APM for optimizing the application performance into Rackspace’s complete hosting solution enables the company to improve service quality, predictability and efficiency.

View these two videos to learn more about how Rackspace uses CA APM and how the technology helps Rackspace better serve its customers.

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Learn More About CA APM 9.1

CA Technologies introduced the most recent release of its application performance management (APM) solution to CA World 2011 attendees. This week the product became generally available, prompting more interest in what’s new in CA APM 9.1.

CA Unifies Application, Infrastucture and Network Performance Management

What do CA APM and Dr. House Have in Common? A lot!

Check out these two videos of the CA APM 9.1 press conference at CA World 2011 to get a better understanding of the next-generation technology that unifies network, infrastructure and application data to optimize performance across sophisticated environments out to the cloud.

Jeff Cobb Discusses What’s New in CA Application Performance Management at CA World 2011, Part 1

Jeff Cobb Discusses What’s New in CA Application Performance Management at CA World 2011, Part 2

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How Far We’ve Come …

Following a week of education, entertainment and networking with peers, CA World 2011 comes to a close. Please enjoy this wrap-up video of event night and be sure to register for future events. See you all next time!

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Matchbox 20 takes the stage at CA World 11

CA World 2011 Event Night

CA World 2011 attendees enjoyed a night of food and fun as CA Technologies hosted its Event Night with a concert performance by Matchbox Twenty.

CA World 11 Pre-Concert Festitives

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Service Assurance in a Consumer-Driven World

IT’s customer is changing. And the way IT serves them must change too. The recent CA-IDC 2011 consumerization study found the majority of enterprises now see over more than 25% of their customer interactions originating from mobile devices. That number will only continue to climb. And as it does, so too will consumers’ expectations about the service levels they get from companies they patronize.

Some IT and business leaders are recognizing the competitive opportunity presented by the mobile Internet. Others are content to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, despite the fact that people are using iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and soon, Windows 8 devices.

The smart money is on organizations that see the value, and recognize the challenges, of mobile interactions; and optimize their mobile interactions to outpace the competition. But to do this, they must reinvent how they provision and manage IT systems. The IT organization must evolve from a controller to an orchestrator. Only orchestration gives IT the agility it needs to cope with rampant consumerization.

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Mike Sargent discusses Service Assurance at CA World 2011

Mike Sargent, General Manager of CA Technologies Service Assurance Customer Solutions Unit, talks about the value his group – now with the completed ITKO acquisition and CA LISA technology – provides customers working toward delivering IT at the Speed of Business.
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CA World 2011 Flash Mob

While exiting the opening keynote Monday morning by CA Technologies Dave Dobson with guest speaker Vivek Kundra, CA World 2011 attendees encountered a flash mob reciting a cheer focused on IT efficiency and needing “an app for that.” It’s brief and a little bit dark, but fun.

What are you doing at CA World 2011? What do you find the most valuable part of the show? What would you have liked to see this year? Please let me know at Denise.Dubie@ca.com.
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What’s Happening in Service Assurance at CA World 2011?

This year’s conference is in full swing here at CA World 2011 in Las Vegas. More than 5,000 attendees are taking advantage of the sessions, demos, education and more. The Service Assurance Focus Area promises attendees stimulating sessions and hands-on tech demos. Check out this brief video to learn more about what to see and do during your stay at Mandalay Bay.

What are you doing at CA World 2011? What do you find the most valuable part of the show? What would you have liked to see this year? Please let me know at Denise.Dubie@ca.com.
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Increasing Agility and Application Visibility with CA APM 9.1

Among the many sessions here at CA World 2011, one can learn how Bank of America is monitoring pre-production applications to help resolve code issues quicker, airline TAP Portugal is ushering in a major new Tibco implementation supporting five million transactions per day, and, not to be outdone, Verizon Wireless is supporting 96 million customers and 286 million transactions per day.

What’s the common thread that links pre-production testing to tracking hundreds of millions of transactions? CA Application Performance Management (CA APM).

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CA Technologies Unveils CA Executive Insight for Service Assurance

CA Technologies Monday introduced to attendees at CA World 2011 a new product designed to optimize the relationship between IT and the business with tools to provide real-time situational awareness of the health and performance of critical IT services and how they impact business outcomes via mobile technology.

New CA Technologies Solution Provides Executives Real-Time IT Service Insight Needed to Support the Agile Enterprise

CA Executive Insight accesses and integrates data sources from various IT management applications to deliver metrics to IT and non-IT stakeholders in a format that is easy to consume, share and personalize. Industry watchers say these capabilities have long been needed to help cement the relationship between IT and the business.

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